Kistishi Island by Jordan Elizabeth is available now!

Kistishi Island

Serena Cole can kick serious butt thanks to young women only she can see. School bullies aren’t a problem, but Serena’s mental health might be. To shield Serena from a dark secret, her family tries to convince her that her friends are imaginary.

Fleeing her distrustful aunt, Serena joins her mother on an archaeological … more

The Last Dance By Kierney Scott is available now!

the last dance

American-born prima ballerina Georgina Fairly made a mistake that could destroy her. Now, saving her career means selling her soul to the Russian government. A spy who uses her body to lure men and secure their secrets, Georgina is tasked with seducing Roman Zakharov, the most dangerous oligarch in Russia.

Roman Zakharov a man with … more

The Assassin’s Kiss By J.A. Kazimer is available today!

Assassin's Kiss

Julia abandoned Nate Taylor on their wedding night after finding him in the arms of her stepsister, Sara. Now she is set to marry again, this time to a man who shares her upper-crust background. But Nate won’t sign the annulment papers. Ready to resort to murder if necessary, Julia storms Nate’s houseboat in the Florida Everglades, just … more

Book Two in the Deadgirl Series now available! Deadgirl Ghostlight By B.C.Johnson

dg 2

A new fast-paced YA release! The Soul Merchant By Aubrey Brant

The Soul Merchant