Talk Dirty To Me, Cowboy

By: Jody Linton | Entangled Ignite

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She takes her cowboys tall, tattooed, and tempting as hell…

Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson is sittin’ in a bar, all six-foot-five-inches of long, hard cowboy. Waitin’. Watchin’. Bidin’ his time for Laney Briggs and her hot little behind to saddle up and make his night. His girl. Hell, after all these years, he knows exactly how to drive her crazy with need…for him.

And Laney is ready to play. Tonight is their new beginning, and she has on her red cowboy boots–the ones that make Gunner wild. She knows that she’s only a few tequilas away from being pressed up against his firm, demanding bod. At his wicked mercy. But tonight, Gunner has something he wants. Needs. Even if it means that Laney will be the one in complete control…

  • NOTE: Talk Dirty to Me, Cowboy is a companion piece to Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy, and follows a date night between Laney Briggs and her Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson. Just a fun bonus read for fans of The Deputy Laney Briggs Series. I hope y’all enjoy getting to know Gunner Wilson a little bit more. I had a blast getting inside the dirty-talking cowboy’s head.

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