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Lonely Places
Untitled Standalone
Untitled Standalone
A War of Monsters: Realm of Fey #4
A Deception of Courts: Realm of Fey
A Kingdom of Lies: Realm of Fey
A Betrayal of Storms: Realm of Fey
A Poisonous Silence
How Far I’ll Go
Book Two
Ain’t It Funny
Dance Fast
The Jinn Daughter
The Sins on Their Bones
Not You Again
Personal Demons
The Wife at the Window
A Tiny Secret
Pieces of Him
A Tie for Barry
Dead Girls Talking
One Last Midnight
Birding With Benefits
Supernatural Oracle Deck and Guide Book
The Jade Bracelet
Zips and Eeloo Make a Friend
Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus
Our Divine Mischief
Unlock the Dark
A Deadly Endeavor
Chaos Song (The Magicsmith Book 6)
Ganesha Goes Green
Navya Sings for Navarathri
Just Wild Enough
Summer Sunday
Lost Words
Peril at Price Manor Book 2
In The Lonely Hours
Her Little Flowers
Killer Secrets
Hunting the Truth
Miriam Dreams
No Better Than Beasts
Don’t Ask If I’m Okay
City of Vicious Night
Here Lies Olive
I Felt Myself Slipping
Daughters of Victory
Jaguars & Other Game
Peril at Price Manor
Where Wildflowers Grow
Chasing Justice
Our Nipa Hut: A Story in the Philippines
The Den
Heart Finds
Anatomy of Imperfect Parts
Some Like It Spartan
A Furry Faux Paw
Acting the Part
Strawberries and Crime: A Finn Family Farm Mystery
The Last Checkmate
Redemption (The Haunt Vault Book 3)
Called To The Deep
Song of Lorelei
Silk Fire
Into the Sound
Perception (The Haunt Vault Book 2)
City of Shattered Light
Brown Boy Nowhere
Murder at the Falls (A Creature Comforts Mystery Book 3)
Sweet Water
Casting Shadows (The Magicsmith Book 4)
Of Mettle & Magic (The Magicsmith Book 5)
Demon Riding Shotgun
Dog Girl
Homicide by Horse Show
Dead On The Vine: A Finn Family Farm Mystery
Microphones and Murder: A Podcasting Sisters Mystery
Clarets of Fire
Junkyard Dog
Hunters’ Watch Brigade: The Game
Faerie Forged
Courting Darkness
A Drop of Magic
Rogue Crystal
Death By Dog Show
A Shot of Murder
Connection (The Haunt Vault Book 1)
Hunters’ Watch Brigade: Initiation
Best of Luck
Gun For Hire
Beginner’s Luck: The O’Briens Series
Kistishi Island
The Assassin’s Kiss
The Soul Merchant
The Assassins’ First Date
The Lady in Pink
Lover’s Oak
The Fairyland Murders
The Assassin’s Heart
Accidental Witch
Tattoo Rampage
Froggy Style A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale
Dreams in Green
Curses! A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale
Death’s Dream Kingdom
Full Bodied Murder
Secrets of Bennet Hall
Murder Most Fermented
Name of the Rosé
Christmas in Marlow Center
Escape From Witchwood Hollow