Chaos Song (The Magicsmith Book 6)

By: L.R. Braden | Bell Bridge Books

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Everything Alex has struggled to create is about to come unraveled…

Nothing has gone to plan since she joined the PTF. Now mysterious “natural” disasters are happening all over the world, and all signs point to a fae attack. But by whom? And why now?

In the midst of this chaos, she faces Purity protesters, coworkers looking to undermine her every decision, and werewolves who can’t stop snapping at each other long enough to prove they’re safe to work with.

Now is not the time to abandon her fledgling alliance for an off-the-books mission, but if she doesn’t… the fragile peace between the Realms may shatter.

On Of Mettle and Magic—”I absolutely can’t wait for more. This series never disappoints and just keeps getting better with each installment. I highly recommend it!” —Richelle Rodarte, Booksirens

On Casting Shadows— “The best yet… L. R. Braden is one of my favorite fantasy authors.”—Ann Klausing, bookseller, Books-A-Million

“Great new series, intriguing characters, excellent world and character building!”—Bonnie Scherr, Librarian and NetGalley Reviewer on Demon Riding Shotgun

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