One Last Midnight

By: Claire Winn | Flux

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Welcome back to the sweltering electric dark.

At sunset, Requiem’s nightlong Independence Festival begins—and during the 154 hours of costumed mischief and covert favors, the underworld faction now led by Riven and Asa has new and old conflicts to settle . . .

When Morphett discovers the captors who cybernetically enhanced her as a child are still active, she grudgingly recruits her most dangerous rival for a full-throttle revenge trip in the desert.

While Asa grapples with her new responsibilities in the underworld, Kaya uncovers harrowing truths about their family legacy and missing sister—and a foe she’s determined to face on her own.

One Last Midnight is the follow-up novella to the Requiem Dark series, featuring two new stories in a neon-drenched cyberpunk world.

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