Unlock the Dark

By: Sasa Hawk | Harper Children's

Elia illegally keeps her father alive because siphoning magic from his non-responsive body helps provide for their family. She has the rare ability to conjure keys, which she combines with her father’s door-enchanting magic to offer quick getaways for patrons of her family’s voyage shop. When a prince offers a fortune for a single commission, Elia is certain her financial worries are over. But then he requests a secret key and door to a magical library that exists in a forbidden realm where Elia is a wanted fugitive.

Elia refuses the risk, but when the god of death smites her youngest brother with a curse that will kill him, she has no choice but to accompany the prince on his journey and search for the scroll rumored to contain a cure. When the prince unwittingly unleashes an ancient monster that possesses him, Elia must choose between saving her brother or the cursed prince who threatens to demolish their entire world.


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