Zips and Eeloo Make a Friend

By: Leila Boukarim | Andrews McMeel

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Zips and Eeloo are two aliens from planet Zooglebeep (NOT Zoogleboop, that is a very different planet) who think they know everything about being human. But do they know how to make a friend? Find out in this colorful and funny graphic novel that early readers will want to read again and again!

Zips and Eeloo are two aliens who have read a bunch of books about humans and watched a LOT of human TV. You could DEFINITELY say they are experts at all things human. They even have EXPERTS IN ALL THINGS HUMAN CERTIFICATES! And in all of the stories, Zips and Eeloo have learned that humans love friends, so now they are going to make a friend, too. But “making friends” is harder than it seems … nowhere in any of the books have Zips and Eeloo learned how to make one, so they’re going to try with milk jugs, tennis balls, and anything else they can find.

This full-color graphic novel with a Dyslexia-friendly font is aimed at the earliest readers just beginning on their graphic novel journeys. Author Leila Boukarim expertly weaves in humor with socio-emotional themes, and illustrator Alex Lopez brings the characters to life. Zips and Eeelo Make a Friend‘s funny and adorable text will keep readers engaged while teaching an important lesson—friendship!

“These hilarious and lovable aliens have only been on Earth for six days but they navigate being human like experts… in chaos. And I adored every second!” – Tara J. Hannon, author of Birtle and the Purple Turtles

“Simple yet energetic dialogue by Boukarim (Hello Goodbye Little Island) combines with deliciously bright artwork from Lopez (LankyBox: Epic Adventure!), making the events of this goofy early reader graphic novel offering practically bounce off the page. It’s a warm and madcap meditation on teamwork, patience, and new experiences told through a comestible escapade starring cartoonish pseudo-siblings finding common ground in their love for chickpea paste.”  – Publisher’s Weekly for Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus

“Lopez’s expressive, witty artwork is full of comedic, slapstick energy and really complements the characters and the overall story. In addition to the playful, inviting story, Zips and Eeloo actually follow some good directions, and a recipe at the end will give kids a chance to try it on their own. Delicious fun.” – Booklist for Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus

“A mix of simple comedic ingredients with a few twists as garnish makes for a funny, fast read.”​ – Kirkus Reviews for Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus

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